Two and Two isn’t Four?

Using the store financial option in Primavera P6 can give you a great tool for managing and reporting your earned value information. This feature allows you to store your actual, planned and earned value information by financial periods you define. This information is then available for reporting, and tracking. However, occasionally, your data can get “lost.” You may notice when you sum the individual period data, including your ‘this period’ data, it doesn’t equal your cumulative data. The data is stored in the database but not showing in any period.

To fix this, you will need to go to the Details paneBlog30_1 in the projects view and click on the calculations tab. Then uncheck the “link actual and this period costs” option (your project will need to be open), and recheck it. This will recalculate by subtracting all stored financial periods from the cumulative values for planned, earned and actual. This will relink the values and put any differences in the ‘this period’ fields.

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Cherié Chance

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