What is Primavera’s Visualizer?

Visualizer is a standalone graphical reporting software that was made available with the Primavera P6 8.3 version. It can be run inside or outside of P6 Professional and provides a user friendly way to produce a visual representation of schedule plans. Projects are selected from within the visualizer platform and displayed as Gantt charts and time scaled logic diagrams. The true benefit of visualizer comes from the various options for the manipulation of data in order to highlight or downplay specific portions of the schedule with a simplified presentation process.

The Gantt chart options are particularly versatile.  The activity table can be customized to display all information with the details of each activity in stacked columns. Simply select which activity fields you wish to be displayed from a drop down menu. You can then specify the location of that field within the table by column and row number. You can highlight specific activity detail fields by changing the font size, color, and style and then decide if a field will have wrapped text without having to wrap the text for all fields.

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Bars can be customized by resizing, coloring, endpoints, shapes, and unlimited labels. Visualizer allows you to preview the look of your bar as you add and remove features.

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Relationship lines can be specified by type and drawn to show lag. You can also create connector blocks for external relationships.

When creating a Time-Scaled Logic Diagram (TSLD) in Visualizer, all of the format options for the Gantt chart are available for the TSLD except for the activity table. This diagram will also allow you to view sequential activities in a single row, thus compressing the view of the schedule.

Layouts for either the Gantt charts or the TSLDs can be saved on global, project, and user levels. These reports can then be shared across an organization. Moreover, access to Visualizer can be granted for individuals who might like to create their own reports and the scheduler will not have to worry about the schedule being compromised by an inexperienced P6 user.

After schedule updates are made to P6 Professional, Visualizer can be used to automatically send out the reports. Create a batch file with input parameters and use Window Task Scheduler to run the batch at specific times.

Visualizer offers a straightforward way of producing graphical reports which may be especially useful to newer users of Primavera, as well as a way to maintain the schedule integrity while sharing reporting capabilities across an organization.  We would love to hear what you think and how you are using it!

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