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Management Solutions, LLC is honored to serve with the Mission of Hope.  Misty Mayes, the founder of Management Solutions, serves as the Mission of Hope Scholarship Committee Chair, employee Phil Blair is also on the scholarship committee, and several MSLLC employees and spouses serve as mentors.   Misty and Tammi Lambdin from MSLLC, along with Mission of Hope Scholarship recipient Kelly Taylor, recently talked with WBIR’s Russell Biven about the scholarship program http://on.wbir.com/1Jit796

The Mission of Hope is a Christian based ministry sharing HOPE with our less fortunate neighbors in the rural Appalachia communities located in Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia through goods, resources, services and volunteers.

The Mission of Hope is a year round ministry which provides assistance during various seasons of the year, including Christmas and Easter.  This assistance includes:

  • Delivering clothes, food, toys, and school supplies to impoverished families
  • Assisting in repair of existing homes or relocation to other homes when appropriate
  • Providing provide scholarships for qualifying students of the area
  • Working to develop skills or other expertise for the creation of new or expanded jobs in the area
  • Aiding in locating jobs for persons who are willing to relocate outside the area.

The most basic needs of children are met by improving their quality of life. The MOH has worked hard to improve children’s quality of life by assisting and serving elementary schools in rural Appalachian communities since 1996.  They serve schools in counties that are on the Appalachian Regional Commission’s distress counties list.  They also try to assist schools with the highest free and reduced lunch percentages within these counties.    The MOH has learned firsthand, that the only true way to break the cycle of poverty is through education.  Because of this, in 2009, the Mission of Hope Scholarship Program was established.  The goal is for scholarships to be awarded to students with financial need, who otherwise would not receive sufficient financial assistance to secure a better future by attending a two-year community college, vocational/technical school or a four-year university, of their choosing.  It’s the MOH’s desire to give each student the opportunity to train in a field of their choice and become a successful wage-earning citizen.

The Mission of Hope Scholarship Program gave out its first Scholarships to 11 graduating High School Seniors. Since that time they have added two new high schools and currently award 13 $2,500 Scholarships annually.   It is the MOH Scholarship Committees desire, funding permitted, to continue providing the scholarship annually to each student until they have completed their education.  The committee realized quickly that financial need was not the only barrier to a successful future for most of these scholars but lack of support.  So, in 2010, they assigned mentors to each student.  These mentors walk with the student through their entire college experience providing encouragement, accountability, resources, instruction and counsel when difficult situations arise.

How can you help?  Check out the Mission of Website to find ways you can be a part of this effort http://missionofhope.org/

  • Make a financial donation to Mission of Hope
  • Volunteer
  • Become a Mentor
  • Serve on ( MOH Scholarship Committee


MOH Scholarship

2014 Mission of Hope Scholarship Recipients  

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