MSLLC Disc Golf and More

disc golfAt Management Solutions, we believe in a culture of fun and competition.  All staff are divided into cross-functional teams that compete all year long for points.   Points are earned through events such as team building activities, community outreach work, and professional development efforts.  Then at the end of the year, the winning team is crowned and awarded prizes. Recently, our teams competed in a friendly round of Disc Golf.  The winners were awarded prizes and of course team points but almost as important are the bragging rights until the next event.  We finished off the evening with a family cookout at the Mayes’ home.  MSLLC wants to create an environment where our staff can mingle and foster lifelong friendships both personally and professionally.  Here is a recap of the evening:   MSLLC Disc Golf Tournament.

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Tammie Lambdin

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