Going Over the Edge for Single Moms

OverTheEdgeOne of my favorite perks of working for Management Solutions is the opportunity to serve our community.  In August, I had a once in a lifetime chance to rappel off of the 12 story Langley building in downtown Knoxville.  Over the Edge put on this fundraising event to raise money for the Restoration House, a local non-profit that helps restores the present for single mothers and their children and improve their futures.  My family, friends and coworkers at Management Solutions helped to raise money so that I could plummet down
safely rappel down the Langley Building.  I have never in my life rappelled, not a climbing wall, not a cliff and certainly not a building in the middle of downtown.  When I agreed to represent Management Solutions at this event, I really thought that despite my fears and nerves, this would forever grant me street cred with my two pre-school aged children.

The day of the descent, I wasn’t nervous.  I went with the awesome volunteers to get suited up with a harness and a helmet equipped with a GoPro.  The volunteers gave a brief demonstration on how to work the equipment and then it was time.  The volunteers asked me to climb up a ladder so that I could hoist myself literally over the edge of the building.  I think that was the hardest part.  Every fiber of my being wanted to stay on top on that roof, with my feet safely on concrete.  After I convinced myself that these people surely wouldn’t let me fall in front of my precious kids, I lifted myself over the edge and began my decline.  One of the guides had told me to stop at the first window I came to.  He advised that the best view was from that point, and was he right!  I saw the Sunsphere, Neyland Stadium and the Smokies in the reflection of that window.  It was beautiful!  I continued on down for what seem liked eternity but in reality was only about 4 minutes.  Once safely on the ground and after turning my equipment back in, someone relayed a conversation with my oldest child.  They asked him, “Don’t you think it’s awesome that your mom is climbing down that building like Spiderman?”  “No,” he replied.  “I don’t think it’s awesome, it looks really dangerous to me.”  So much for my street cred.

Even though I didn’t get the credit I thought I would from my kids, the Over the Edge fundraiser was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.  I’m so thankful to be a part of the company that believes in having fun and serving the community.  None of us were meant to do life alone – and that’s what makes the Restoration House such a worthy cause.

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Denise Hoomes

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