Break The Chains That Are Holding You Back In 2016

It’s hard to believe that a 12,000-pound elephant can be restrained with the simple use of a strong rope. The key to doing this, according to animal trainers, is to train them when they’re very young.

It really doesn’t take strong chains or other barbaric restraints to train a baby elephant.  A young elephant will struggle at first, but will eventually realize and accept that it can’t break the rope. Even worse, the baby elephant learns that if it struggles, the tug of the rope will cause painful burns on its little legs. Before long, the baby elephant usually stops trying and accepts the limitations of these ropes as being permanent. elephant rope

Even when the baby elephants grow up, these imaginary chains often become more
powerful than the actual strength of the largest land mammal on earth and because the elephants believe they can’t break through the ropes, the majority never test their abilities or strengths.  Sadly, like these elephants, many of us live our lives in chains. We see this best with the beginning of each New Year.

As we enter 2016, many of us will make resolutions as individuals to
eat healthier, exercise more, save or make more money, treat people better; and as businesses we’ll strive to improve our bottom line, be more efficient and build our client base. Unfortunately, for many of us, these resolutions will soon become disappointments, then distant memories until we resolve to do them once again at the beginning of another New Year.

So, why do we fail? Why do we give up so easily? Unfortunately for many of us, we live our lives like these elephants, accepting and believing that we can’t do something or we are not worthy or capable of success because we’ve either been told that by someone else or we’ve convinced ourselves of this.  Positive change will never occur if you live your life with a “CAN’T DO,” “IT’S JUST TOO HARD,” “I’ll NEVER BE AS GOOD AS THEY ARE,” attitude.

Positive change can only occur if you break the chains that are holding you back; and begin believing and taking action toward accomplishing the positive changes you want to make in your work and in your life.

Why not get a jumpstart on the New Year by taking this first step today. Instead of regretting what you could have done in 2016, you’ll soon be celebrating your successes.

To learn more, check out this short video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2vq79RI6Ro.





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