The Elephant in the Room

It’s the issue that almost everyone sees, but no one wants to deal with. It’s the infa
mous elephant in the room; and if you ignore it, it can damage or even destroy even elephant in boardroomthe strongest organizations.

Many times, the issue starts from a lack of communication or misinformation, then the dreaded rumor mil
l often kicks in and before you know it, you’re faced with dealing with one
elephant or an entire herd of elephants that are distracting employees from normal business and ultimately, impacting your organization’s goals and bottom line.

The good news is, there are things we can do to keep the elephants out of our organizations. It starts with employee engagement and it must be two-sided. For most of us, including me, you have to be on purpose about this to make it work. For example: To get a good cross basis of what’s on the minds of our staff, I try to set aside 90 minutes each week to spend one-on-one time with a new employee, a mid-level employee and a senior employee. I want to hear their ideas and learn more about their goals and any concerns they may have. I also use this time to reinforce the non-negotiables of how we do business: our principles and standards, how we perform our work and engage with others, our everyday absolutes. This is particularly important with bigger organizations or as a company grows, when information is often passed down through multiple funnels and can lose meaning in translation.

For other tips on keeping the elephants out of your business or dealing with the elephants that may already be attempting to turn your office into a three-ring circus, check out the blog on Handling the Elephant

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Misty Mayes

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