Reputation and Relationships are a Business’ Best Assets

In business, you quickly learn that your reputation and your relationships are your most important assets. When choosing a new vendor, it’s easy for companies to begin to all look alike. Everyone claims to have the best people and everyone says they can perform the work. So without any previous experience with a company, choosing the best vendor, often comes down to a price war.

Having a strong reputation and solid relationships can set you apart from other companies and be a deciding factor for clients who choose to use your services over another. These qualities don’t come overnight though. They are earned over time and are built on trust and experience. We work on building that trust by asking for honest feedback from our clients, then acting on that feedback.

relationshipsOne of the core values of our company is that we treat people – our customers, our partners, our peers – with respect and value. When I give someone my word, I want them to know they can trust me because they know me. I want to know them, too. While we respect each person’s personal life, we do understand that we all have lives outside of work. So when something is going really, really well for someone, I want to be able to celebrate with them. And when things are not going so well, I want to be able to support them anyway I can.

We encourage our employees to interact with our customers and to respond to our customers – to build those relationships. We hire really, really smart people. So while we have processes and procedures in place, I want our folks to use their brains to be able to come back to me and say, “Because of what our customer needs, I think we should do this or try this new approach.” If someone’s response is just black and white and doesn’t take into consideration the customer’s needs at that specific time, then a robot could do a better job. I want our staff to listen to our customers and to build the kind of relationships that ultimately allow you to anticipate a client’s needs.

For us, the work we do for our clients is not just a transaction, it’s truly a partnership and that’s the kind of relationship that creates a win-win for both sides.


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Misty Mayes

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