PM Tool of the Month – Office Lens

Everyone has been in a meeting where you need the information that is currently on the whiteboard. It is distracting to try and write down the content before you leave the meeting or it is erased. If you’re a visual learner, like I am, you find that you’d rather see it reproduced as it was originally drawn, so you pull out your phone to take a picture.  The problem is that whiteboards don’t photograph terribly well. Another issue is that it is just a photo — not bad, but not ideal.

l that I discovered more than a year ago, and now use regularly and recommend to tons of people, who tell me later that it is the best app ever, is Office Lens. Office Lens takes shots of white boards or documents, and turns them into straight-on, high-resolution documents that are better than a photo.

With Office Lens, you can save into multiple formats: One Note, pdf, Word, etc. It also can scan docs and business cards straight into Contacts. It’s the whiteboard feature that blows people away, and we all know that project managers use a lot of whiteboards.

Office Lens for iPhone is available for free at the Apple App Store. To get the Office Lens for your Android phone, go to Office Lens Android Preview

office lens visual

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